Long before the age of man they walked our planet:


In the ages of the ancient advanced civilizations the presence of the Guardians of Time was recognized with respect, reverence and humility. Over the millennia a new mystery was formed and only a few chosen ones, like high priests, spiritual masters and shamans were granted to study it. They were the ones that got a deeper insight in the secret of THE TIME GUARDIANS. The beings were referred to as visitors from other systems, protectors or destroyers and even gods.

Until today the true task and their continuous working in our world cannot be explained completely. An almost impenetrable veil lies over the reason and the working of their presence and the secret of their worldwide and unexpected appearance. Historians and experts in new fields of science assume that the emerging of the Time Guardians is connected to warnings and control visits, respectively corrective actions. According to ancient scriptures it is “the time travelers” that find out the GOOD – BAD status of our actions and the recent condition of our planet to correct and restore it. What actions there are that protect the collective harmony is mostly still in the field of speculation; moreover that knowledge is beyond our understanding and human perception.

To tell the exact appearance of the beings in space and time is hardly possible. And so far there is no reliable and working method to withdraw from the power and the non-worldly access of the GUARDIANS. Just like system operators they examine and watch over the individual as well as tendencies in social development and the global situation. Eyewitness accounts from various ages in history report of disappearances of people and radical changes in behavioural patterns of individuals. Like that especially people of great influence to society, like leaders of tribes or countries, triggered crucial global changes. The phenomenon was studied by the leading historians, sociologists, scientists of outer limits of knowledge and (para-)psychologists of all times but they found hardly any satisfying results. One general accepted theory is that our own motivation and the human actions themselves are the trigger for the working of the GUARDIANS. Through time they enter our world and always remain present to take record of our actions. Nobody can withdraw from their universal and objective valuations and guidance.

The Guardians of Time. A report by Ron Morisson. Sound installations and texts by Thomas Nordwest. Sculptures by Manfred Kielnhofer.